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No More Delays with Robert Henderson
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No More Delays: Dissolving Curses that Stop Destiny

with Robert Henderson

Over the last decade the Lord has brought Apostle Robert Henderson into a growing understanding of operating in the Courts of Heaven.  These messages focus in on learning to operate in the Courts of Heaven to dissolve curses that are stopping us from entering into the destiny and assignment of the Lord, personally, as families, as ministries and businesses, and over territories.  These messages contain keys of wisdom and revelation that are crucial and essential to break through the walls of resistance that have been holding us back from God's best.  

CD 1: Foundations of the Courtroom of Heaven

CD 2 & 3:  Understanding Legal Access 

CD 4 & 5:  Understanding Curses 

CD 6 & 7:  Presenting Cases to Break Delay

CD 8:  Sunday Night Bonus:  Building Houses that Govern

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