Trail of Fire and Glory 2019

Trail of Fire & Glory across Georgia

For the Trail of Fire & Glory we will  going to 5 key places to gather across the State of Georgia.   Clay Nash, at the direction of the Lord, has committed to being a part of these 5 gatherings, and we are in counsel together with the Lord in planning and preparation.  Our goal is to connect with and partner with leaders in the Body of Christ from region to region in order to welcome the King of Glory into our state and contend to see the fire of His presence and power burning brightly all across the state.  


The prophetic word from Clay Nash was a strong word of confirmation and trigger as to the timing of a direction the Lord had begun speaking to me about in 2015.  At the time, I knew we had to pray into the word and watch for the Lord's time to implement.  

What Holy Spirit had spoken was to go construct a Trail of Fire and Glory along key places of the Railway System across the State of Georgia by gathering from place to place for worship, intercession, and the release of prophetic declarations welcoming the King of Glory from region to region to region.  I saw each location as a tent peg being positioned in the state in the four corners and the final center pole being erected in downtown Atlanta near the Capitol - and I saw the Georgia Freight Depot.
The Georgia Railroad Freight Depot was completed in April of 1869 and is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Atlanta. The building served as the main freight depot for the Georgia Railroad and was restored by the Georgia Building Authority in 1981 for public use. Most of the original brickwork and freight bays remain in place . . .

We have received other prophetic words and encouragements (from Tim Sheets and Patti Amsden, specifically) to step out into the state to gather and sow into God's purposes, and we know now is the time.  

Clay Nash's word, below, was released during our Regional NEI Conference, "Ekklesia Rising" with speakers Tim Sheets, Don Lynch, Clay Nash and me; and provided the timing for what God had planted in my spirit some three years ago.

June 7, 2018  

Ap. Clay Nash

As Tim (Sheets) was ministering I saw a vision...and I saw... not just Atlanta... I saw the state of Georgia like a large iceberg. And I asked Him, "Lord, what is that about?" And I heard the Lord say, "The fire that's coming is going to thaw out what I've had in a deep freeze for such a time as this."

The Lord said, "I'm about to release a fire into Georgia that will cause things that have been frozen to begin to not only thaw out . . . they're going to be activated . . . there's going to be a freshness about what is coming," says the Lord, "that will cause those who have become lukewarm . . . those who have lost their appetite . . . those who have lost their vision . . . to begin to hunger again," says the Lord. "For I am going to release an anointing in this new era upon the state of Georgia," says God, "that will cause those who have lost their way to desire to find their way anew again."

The Lord said, "I'm going to put upon you a sweet smelling savor that as you walk among those who have become lukewarm," says the Lord, "they're going to begin to smell the Christ within you." "For even within you that are here this night," says the Lord, "I've held things back frozen in your spirit man, but this night I release the heat of a thawing," says the Lord. "And I will bring out of that 'deep freeze' an activation of release of an anointing," says the Lord. "And I'll move into that place."

The Lord said, "Watch and see if I don't construct through this woman of God (speaking to Jacquie Tyre) and the team (team at CityGate Atlanta) here a Trail of Fire around the state of Georgia." The Lord said, "I will take 5 Key Places and I will begin to send those who are hungry . . . they who are hungering. Those that will go will first begin to pray; for even in this hour, the former rain has begun to come," says the Lord. "And that which has been hardened in this state is now being softened . . . and as it is softened, I will send the latter rains," says the Lord, "and with that latter rain, get ready to begin to see undeniable evidence that will come forth out of the state of Georgia that will begin to tie together and mesh together the words that have been spoken both apostolicly and prophetically over this state."

I hear the Lord saying, "Georgia, it's time to stand tall." As the Lord put that in my spirit awhile ago . . . there's an old saying that I grew up around out of a dark culture . . .but they would say, 'he was so drunk, he was high as a Georgia Pine!' But what I hear the Lord saying, "People of Georgia, it's time to stand tall . . . it's time to stand tall . . . it's time to stand tall. IT'S TIME TO STAND TALL! It's time to yield and stand tall."

Ap. Don Lynch

Even during worship I heard the Lord say it's time to catch the little foxes. And in the Song of Solomon this is after the Bridegroom speaks . . . chorus sings, "Catch for us the little foxes that spoil the vines." I began to see this as a systematic work. The foxes burrow into the root systems to create daytime hideaways; but they create a burrowing system with many exits and many entrances in order to cunningly avoid detection. They come out in cunning times, unobserved . . . and not only are they working in the root system in a systematic way; but they're also able in the time of season change . . . when the newest and the most vulnerable shoots begin to come out . . . that first begin to blossom, and then have the tender grapes . . . then is when these undetected nighttime visitors . . . nocturnal and cunning in their strategies . . . come out and destroy things at the beginning. If they eat the blossom, then a whole bunch of grapes has been lost. And even in the time when a bunch of grapes produce . . . if they eat but a few of the entire bunch . . . it's therefore worthless for the use of making wine. So the idea of the little foxes, in the terms of little things here has to do within the season change, there is a vulnerability for new growth to be consumed by that which has embedded itself or burrowed itself in a systematic way . . . and hidden itself with many entrances and exits.

And I felt that what the Lord was saying when I heard those words . . . CATCH FOR US . . . I really felt assignment in that. I felt that the strength of that was important in this time . . . that the systematic burrowing, you see, not cause us to hesitate . . . but rather that entrance and exit by one by one by the entire vineyard... that we discover and close those doors and entry points through which the cunning foxes sneak out when God's seasons shift and something new, yet vulnerable . . . something in its formative time . . . then is becoming victimized by little foxes.

And then I was thinking, Lord, we are all about fire tonight, so why am I talking about foxes? And immediately I saw Samson . . . and there were two foxes . . . and I had the sense in which the coupling foxes that produce the little foxes . . . don't just get the little foxes, get the Maw and Paw that are producing them . . . tie their tails together and let's release them into the fields of God's enemies in this time . . . and let the consuming fire of God SHIFT so that our harvest is not stolen at its beginnings like Midianites or the Amalek lickers or consumers that come in and destroy in the vulnerable seasons and take what we worked hard for, and they worked ZERO for. But instead let's see the fields of the enemy destroyed as the very foxes they released against God's purposes are released against them. This turning of the tide means God's Harvest will come to fullness and full maturity, and the enemy's harvest will be destroyed.

June 8, 2018:

Clay Nash:

I've been hearing a beat tonight.  And, when I first heard it was wondering if it was the blacksmith beating out swords; but, it's not.  I hear the Lord saying, "My workers, My angels are laying the tracks for the Glory Train to be released in Georgia."  the Lord said, "The reason they're laying new tracks is because this train, filled with Glory is going to go to places where there's not been any tracks laid before."  He's driving the stakes....they're laying the tracks....because there's a new release of Glory coming into the state of Georgia.  I hear the Lord saying, "Even as the trail of fire is done . . .that is one of the reasons," the Lord says, "I am going to have you pull it together! I'm going to have you lead it is because the prophets of Baal that are in Georgia are going to come out and challenge you."  But the Lord said, "I give you covenant that I will answer by fire," says the Lord.

One of the reasons that God's laying a new track is because the old train was a slavery train.  It was a train that enslaved you to a duty.  It was a train that enslaved you to a ritual.  It was a train that enslaved you to a bondage.  But the Glory Train that's now having a track laid for it is going to be a Train of Freedom. . . a Train of Liberty.  And, part of this sound that you hear are those that have been. . . had chains put on them to religion, and the chains are being broken.  The chains are being broken.  Liberty's not coming . . . it's here!  Amen?  Liberty is not coming . . . it's here! Can you say amen?!

We will be kicking off the Trail of Fire and Glory in Savannah at Purim 2019 (March 22-23) (SE), working with a team of apostolic leaders and intercessors to convene this gathering.  We have secured dates for two of the locations (NW & Atlanta) and are working on the final two (SW & NE) to complete the assignment of five locations in 2019.


  • March  22-23:  SE - Savannah with Clay Nash & Jacquie Tyre
  • May 17-18: NE - Jefferson, GA, A Call To Salvation Church (Pastor Arlene Smith), Clay Nash & Jacquie Tyre 
  • August 23-24 - SW - Albany, GA Agape Christian Worship Center (Pastors Michael & Isha Odom) Clay Nash & Jacquie Tyre
  • October 18-19:  NW - Cartersville-Roselawn Carriage House, Ray Hughes will be joining Clay Nash & Jacquie Tyre, (Roselawn is the historic home & museum of Evangelist Sam P. Jones)
  • November 14:  Atlanta at the Georgia Freight Depot  - Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets will be joining us
  • November 15: Savannah at Reborn Nation, Guyton -- Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets 

It is my passionate heart desire to see the state of Georgia blazing with the fire and glory of God, fulfilling her God-given destiny as a Governmental Gate State releasing healing, being a place where all will hear and heed to voice of the Lord, stewarding and distributing wealth, and sending for the message of the Gospel throughout the world in power, authority, and love.

We hope you will plan to be a part of this initiative, an assignment from the Lord... for such a time as this. Please email me at if you have any questions or wish to be involved.  We are looking for those who want to partner to see this vision walked out in oneness with Christ and each other!

For His Glory,

Jacquie Tyre